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Camilleri Wines are a pure expression of Maltese character. The wines are produced from grapes harvested from vines grown in the typical calcareous, white soils of the south-western regions of Malta that are ideally suited for Mediterranean vine-growing.
Inbid Malti maghmul minn gheneb imkabbar f'Malta

Caraffa Wines: Caraffa wines is the brand that encapsulates table wines that have become household names with the Maltes Public like Special Reserve and Cantinello. Made from specially selected grapes grown in Italy, these wines reflect the good value for money that the Maltese public looks out for.

just: just Squashes, Milkshakes and Ice Teas are a Household name amongst the Maltese public. just is synonymous with quality and is one of Malta’s leading brands. Having been on the market since 1947, just squashes, milkshakes and ice tea are the result of a re-branding exercise with a brand new and fresh look. just comprises a range of 21 different fruit squashes, light squashes, ice teas and milkshakes.

Zeppi's: Zeppi's is the flagship alcoholic product for Madalien Ltd. Zeppi is short for Giuseppi which is the name of the creator of the liqueurs, and today's chairman. Zeppi is by far Malta's leading traditional Maltese liquer, and the Zeppi's range comes in three varieties (all in various shapes and sizes).

Brown Brothers: Brown Brothers is a family-owned winery that offers one of Australia's most seasoned and diverse ranges of quality wine from the Milawa region. Steeped ion tradition and inspired by innovation, every bottled is and expression of what Australia has to offer.

Santa Rita: The Santa Rita winery owns vineyards in Chile's most exclusive winemaking valleys making it the second largest land-owning winery in Chile. With access to diverse climates and soils, Santa Rita is able to produce a wide variety of world-class wines showcasing the remarkable quality and versatility of the country

Kendall-Jackson: "When my family and I founded Kendall-Jackson in 1982, I simply wanted to create extraordinary wine from California's best vineyards. In 1983 our Chardonnay won the first Platinum Award ever presented by the American Wine Competition. For over 15 years running now, we have been America's favourite wine" Jess Jackson, founder of Kendall-Jackson

Piccini: Located in the heart of the Chianti region since 1882, this fourth generation winery is amongst the world's top 30 producers and exporters of wine, alone responsible for 15% of the entire production of Chianti Classico

Bodega Marqués de Cáceres: Towards the end of the sixties, Enrique Forner , founder of Bodega Marqués de Cáceres, guided by the world renowned professor Emile Peynaud, chose the best location in Rioja Alta which is well known for its fine wines to establish the Bodega.

Hawaiki: Quargentan S.p.A. originated in the village of Terrossa di Roncà (Verona) as a wine producing company in the homeland of Soave wine. It later expanded its activity to include production of fruit juices and other kinds of drinks, as well as tomato treatment, by means of particulary innovative packaging processes making use of laminate-type containers (brik). The Hawaiki range features 100% unsweetened juice in 1 LT packages; flavours include pineapple, orange, grapefruit and tropical fruits.

Fontecelta: Fontecelta is the company that offers the widest variety of formats that can be offered to the consumer. With more than 50 different formats you can choose those that best meet your customers' needs, ensuring total success in your sales.
Fontecelta make great efforts to offer you Natural Mineral Water with the strictest quality control and concern for the environment, accompanied by an innovative and attractive image for your customers and with the widest range of formats. Always with the aim of helping our customers to make our Natural Mineral Water its sales leader.

Budvar: The national enterprise of Budweiser Budvar is today a modern and active company built on a strong foundation. The brewery has managed the strong struggle with competition that is supported by supra-national concerns. At present it is the last of the large breweries which has exclusively Czech capital.
Due to the excellent economic results the enterprise can invest large funds into its development. Part of the profit is directed each year into the support of culture, education and the health system, in particular in the South Bohemia region. The evidence of the dynamic and personal relation to lovers of Budweiser Budvar are the new products regularly introduced by Budvar onto the market.

mySmoothie: mySmoothie was founded by former Miss Sweden, Domenique Forsberg. She absolutely loves fruits and berries and thought making smoothies on an industrial scale would be a great way to make a living. mySmoothie was launched in October 2004 at the World Trade show SIAL in Paris. It was an overnight success and Domenique took help from Peter Larsson a friend from school and now the CEO of myGoodness SA. mySmoothie is currently being sold in over 20 countries.

Benanti: Since its beginning, to produce D.O.C. ETNA wines, the structural set-up of Azienda Benanti has followed and seconded the remarkable pedoclimatic variability of the various Etna mountainsides each of them at the base of a particular viticultural production and as a consequence the quality of grapes in the same and different vintages. In the Etnean area, Benanti vineyards are located on the northern, eastern and volcano and the crus of white and red wines come from there. Recently another important production site has been acquired in the Syracuse area, Commune of Noto (Pachino), in the most traditional and oldest area of Sicilian vines from which the production of Nero d’Avola and Moscato di Noto comes down.

Braida: It is a good country story. About country, however, that is found “at the center of the world.” It all began, as in any country story, with a nickname. Braida was the name earned by Giuseppe Bologna in the fields where he played “stretch ball,” a local Piedmontese sport, every Sunday. The family founder was a wheelwright and cultivated a vineyard of barbera for himself and his friends. Giacomo Bologna inherited the vineyard and the nickname from his father, and above all an unconditional love for his land and for wine. A love that he passed on first to his wife Anna and later to his children, but also to all those whom he met on his life’s path with these excellent premium wines

La Brancaia: Brancaia in Chianti Classico, encompassing the two estates Brancaia and Poppi, has been owned by the Swiss couple Brigitte and Bruno Widmer since 1981. Barbara and Martin Kronenberg-Widmer run the winery together which is located in the heart of the Chianti Classico area. The estate had a vertical take-off when it’s vintage 1983 won first place at a major Chianti Classico tasting. Since then, through uncompromising dedication to quality and a strong own identity, the continuous recognition of BRANCAIA was built up – spearheaded by the estates top-wine Brancaia IL BLU, being already a classic for many wine lovers all over the world.

Pellini: Sold in thirty countries, available on every market (at home and abroad) the famous brand of coffee, based in Verona, with the obsession of quality (symbolically represented by the seductive mole in the advertising campaign) has grown rapidly in the last ten years, increasing its turnover by over 83%. Currently master group, through Nibe Beverages is supplying offices and small business with Pallino Coffee machines and Pellini Coffee pods, with some very attractive packages

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