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Master Distributors was formed by Guzeppi Camilleri in 1947 as Master Wine Limited, the company started its origins producing wine, alcoholic beverages and fruit squashes. Throughout the years, Guzeppi and his three sons transformed the company into an industry leader producing a large variety of quality products.

As the company went through rapid expansion, a bold decision was taken to segregate production into different companies and with independent management. Consequently, the master group, The production of wines was assigned to Camilleri Wines Limited, whilst the production of other alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages was bestowed upon Madalien Limited.

Today Master Distributors has a network of sales and deliveries throughout Malta and Gozo, making it on of the leading marketing FMCG companies in Malta.

Camilleri WinesCamilleri Wines commenced its operation in 2001. Since its inception Camilleri Wines has taken the quality of its products to new heights, particularly with the introduction of the Palatino range of varietal wines, as well as a limited selection of premium wines like the locally grown Laurenti premium wines. Camilleri Wines has also endeavored in innovation by creating a stylish and contemporary wine known as Blush Rose’. With 250 farmers working in 1000 tumoli of land all over Malta and Gozo, Camilleri wines is now in a position to offer the Maltese wine loving market with a range locally grown wines, with new, interesting good quality wines in the pipeline.

The company has resolved to undertake this venture with the aim of becoming quality leaders in the local market. For this purpose the company has committed itself to invest substantially in all fields of the wine making process, with particular emphasis being put upon the quality and presentation of the product.

Madalien Limited The company produces a wide range of fruits squashes, milk shakes, liqueurs and spirits, as well as ready to drink products.

The company is dedicated to the production of the best quality products targeting maximum consumer satisfaction. In pursuance of these goals the company uses the most avant-garde production techniques, using the latest technology, as well as an ongoing investment in human resources and IT. Furthermore, through its dedication to product research and development, the company has produced its own original recipes with the Zeppi's range of liqueurs, traditional Maltese liqueurs made from prickly pear, honey and anis seeds. We also kept the unique Madlien Liqueur faithful to the recipe created by Madalien Camilleri, the grandmother of today's directors.

All our products boast popularity with foreign visitors and locals alike.

Master CellarsMaster Cellars Limited officially opened in 1999. From then on the outlet started to stock products produced and imported from members of the master group, as well as top brands from local agents.

Today, Master Cellars provides a vast selection of wines, spirits, beers, and non-alcoholic beverages, as well as chocolates and other delicacies. It is also a renowned market leader in the supply of its products for catering occasions such as wedding receptions and any other kinds of parties. Last but not least, Master Cellars is by far the largest supplier of gift hampers for all occasions and official celebrations on the island.

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